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Classic aluminium line

We are pleased to present a preview of our new line of mouthpieces from the classic shape but made of aluminum and then anodized black.

The material and finish give it a sound very compact and precise, suitable for situations where you want classic, however, have more possibilities of expression.

They're also very resistant and will last for a long time in perfect condition.

Is provided without ligature as their classical form fits to the multiple kinds on the market.

We also offer our unique ligature that fits perfectly to all external classical form.

For this series of mouthpieces has been filed patent application.

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Alto al



Ex Tax: 90.00€

Alto saxophone mouthpiece, in anodized aluminum, produces a very full-bodied sound and adds the precision and delicacy due to the particular material but above all to the manual and surface finish, perfect and precise It has the standard external shape so it can use all commercial ligatures suitable for the standard shape. It is sold without ligature...

Baritone al



Ex Tax: 105.00€

Mouthpieces for baritone saxophone in anodized aluminum, a warm and centered sound, classic style but with more power, unexpected qualities for metal ...Mounts standard commercial ligatures.It is sold without ligature.                                                                                                            &nbs..


Tenor al



Ex Tax: 95.00€

Anodized aluminum tenor sax mouthpiece, a warm and very centered sound, with a classic setting but with something more given by the solidity of the metal.Mounts standard commercial ligatures.It is sold without ligature.                                                                                                            &nb..

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